Everything about The Reaper’s Bones Trading Company in Sea of Thieves

The latest pirate trading company is out for blood in Sea of Thieves.

Image via Rare

There’s a new trading company available in Sea of Thieves called The Reaper’s Bones trading company. Their latest outpost has finished construction, and you can visit them on the high seas. You won’t find them when you initially log-in, though, and you need to go out your way to locate them while sailing with your crew.

Where are they?

You can find them at The Reaper’s Hideout, which you need to fight your way towards them and locate them on map tile I12 and I13. There are Reaper’s Bones small enclaves and landmarks on the various outposts in Sea of Thieves, but you can’t trade with them. These locations only allow you to declare you will become an Emissary for their faction. You need to go directly to the source of their hideout and hand in your loot to the Servant of the Flame.

What do they take?

Everything. The Reaper’s Bones take anything and everything you’re willing to offer them on your boat. If you don’t plan to use it or have no need to increase your reputation with different trading companies in the game, take it to The Reaper’s Hideout and give them whatever you have available.

What do they give?

Much like the other trading companies in Sea of Thieves, by increasing your reputation with The Reaper’s Bones crew, you’ll gain access to exclusive ship cosmetics, titles, and recommendations for aiding them in their endeavors. There’s no limit to what they won’t take, so feel free to try and increase their view of you by offering whatever you find.

You can become an Emissary for this faction at any time by going to their stall to found at any of the outposts. You’ll be about to find it by looking for the skeleton hanging in a cage above it that’s thrashing out, attempting to get you. You need to grab The Reaper’s Bones flag to represent them, which you can grab from the representative’s trader The Reaper’s Hideout.