Where to find Ant Manor in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 – Ant Man POI Location

It’s bigger than you think.


As expected, map changes have already started to arrive in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. We are still in Week 1, but a new POI area has arrived in the game called Ant Manor. Interestingly, it appears that Ant Manor has been perfectly sliced out of the real world and dropped onto the island, and the edges are still glowing a bright orange color from the heat of whatever cut it.

You can find Ant Manor slightly to the northeast of Holly Hedges. The new area consists of a large dog house and some boulders on a raised mound of dirt. Underneath, you can find some ant tunnels and even some ant eggs. There are also some discarded dog toys.

There is plenty of loot to be had here as well. A rare chest can spawn near the dog bowl if you get very lucky, and there seems to always be at least one chest in the tunnels. Ground loot is also quite common, so you could drop here with a good chance of getting well prepared, then make your way to Holly Hedges to finish looting up fully.

This certainly won’t be the last new area to enter the game this season. The minimal map changes at the start of the season imply there will be a slow rollout of Marvel hero related places to visit over the course of the season. We may be looking at a very different map when the season finally wraps up on November 30.