Where to find Jennifer Walters’ Office in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Trouble with the law.


For one of the She-Hulk awakening challenges in Fortnite, you will need to visit Jennifer Walker’s office. You will also need to be wearing the Jennifer Walker skin while you do this. You will get the Jennifer Walk hit Level 22 on the Battle Pass to get the Jennifer Walters skin. After that, you will need to get to Level 29 to get access to her Awakening Challenges.

To find Jennifer Walters’ office, you will need to make your way to Retail Row. You can find her office in a lovely looking white building just on the outside of town. You don’t need to do anything complicated, simply visiting the building is enough. It is easy to spot thanks to the large plaque outside that states the name of her business.

This is just one of the Awakening Challenges for Jessica Walters, to give you the ability to turn her into She-Hulk. You will also need to emote just after smashing some vases, a fun reference to both Zelda and the whole “Hulk Smash!” thing.

This also strongly implies that Jennifer has been around for a while, which actually makes sense. If you go and visit the Authority, you will notice it is falling into ruin. Henchmen are camping in it, there are cobwebs everyone, and Jules seems to have boxed up most of her stuff and even emptied out the vault.

The Awakening challenges are about making the heroes realize who they really are and embraced their superpowers, so it’s a nice bit of fun to watch it happen in the game.