Where to get Dendrite Blastoma in Warframe

It doesn’t sound healthy.

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Image via Digital Extremes

Dendrite Blastoma is a resource in Warframe that was introduced with the Heart of Deimos update. This resource can be obtained by fishing, and if you are very lucky you can occasionally get it to drop from the containers that litter the Cambion Drift.

To ge tthe most out of fishing on the Cambion Drift, you will need to get a Spari Spear from Daughter for 500 Entrati Standing. The easiest way to earn Entrati Standing is to do Bounties for Mother, then hand the Mother Tokens that you earn into Grandmother.

You will also need some Bait. Bait is actually the Fass and Vome Residue that you can find all over the map when the giant worms destroy each other. Search for areas of the Cambion Drift that are glowing, and you will find giant chunks of space worm you can break up to get the Bait.

When you have the bait, make your way to the cave marked on the map. You need to fish for Vitreospina to get Dendrite Blastoma. You can try other caves, but we haven’t confirmed that it will appear elsewhere at the moment. Lots of the caves don’t even seem to spawn fish, so we recommend heading to this one. Equip your fishing spear, throw out the bait, and wait for the fish to start arriving.

When you have plenty of the Vitreospina fish, head back to Daughter in the Necralisk and select the Cut Fish option. It is time to butcher some fish to get at their squishy, resource rich insides. Choose the Vitreospina that you caught and cut them up, and this will yield some Dendrite Blastoma that you can use.