Where to investigate mysterious claw marks in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 – Wolverine challenge

He seems angry.


It is bad news for the bad guys in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, as Wolverine appears to be on the prowl. One of the challenges for Wolverine is to investigate the mysterious claw marks you can find in the game.

To investigate the mysterious claw marks, you will need to head for Weeping Woods. Wolverine appears to have been moving through the area, and he doesn’t seem happy if the deep claw marks left in walls, rocks, and other items are anything to go by. There are three claw marks in total, and you can find them all marked on the maps below.

To investigate the claw marks, you just need to get close to them, you don’t need to interact with them at all.

Wolverine is definitely a fan favorite, a man blessed with super healing, an unbreakable skeleton, and vicious claws. His main superpower is being angry, however, so it is hardly surprising he it out there attacking the map with his claws.

Claw Mark #1

Claw Mark #2

Claw Mark #3