Where is Kahl’s Missing Floof in Kahl’s Prison Break Mission in Warframe? Answered

Kahl needs his teddy bear.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Floofs are adorable stuffed animals that can be used to adorn your ship. Kahl’s Garrison is a new faction introduced in the Warframe Veilbreaker update. This faction has a weekly mission where you play as Kahl, and the Prison Break weekly mission has a sub-objective to find Kahl’s missing Floof. Completing this objective will earn you Stock, a currency used to purchase strong weapons and mods from Kahl’s Garrison. This guide will explain where to find Kahl’s missing Floof in Kahl’s Prison Break mission.

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Where to find Kahl’s Missing Floof in Warframe

Kahl’s missions rotate once you complete the three main missions he has to offer. The Prison Break Mission is one of his missions, and this mission tasked you with finding his missing Floof companion hidden on the stage.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The image above is a clear shot of the missing Floof and what it looks like. This is important as every sub-objective in Kahl’s missions is placed in a new location every time you play the mission. This makes pinpointing an exact location tough to do. The only guaranteed method is to be methodical in your approach and search every nook and cranny each time you play the Prison Break mission.

One good tip to keep in mind is the map will always show you the direction of the primary objective. Use this to your advantage and search every alternate hallway for the missing Floof before you press on. If you are diligent, you will find Kahl’s cuddle buddy in no time. Finding Kahl’s missing Floof will grant you Stock. Stock is a currency used at Chipper’s store in Kahl’s Garrison located at the Drifter campsite.

Use this Stock to purchase components for Styanax, weapons, and powerful Archon shards in Warframe.