Where to destroy Five Narmer Veils in Kahl’s Prison Break Mission in Warframe

Break the veils down.

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Narmer veils are a control device that Ballas used to enslave the Grineer during the New War quest. Kahl’s Garrison is a new faction introduced in the Warframe Veilbreaker update. This faction has a weekly mission where you play as Kahl, and destroying Narmer Veils is an optional challenge you can perform in the weekly mission. This guide will explain where to destroy five Narmer Veils in Kahls Prison Break Mission in Warframe.

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Where to destroy Narmer Veils in Warframe

Kahl’s weekly Prison Break mission is a revamped quest in the same location as the Veilbreaker cinematic quest. The Sentients are in full force, along with a handful of Narmer Veiled Grineer soldiers backing them up. These Grineer enemies are the only way to break Narmer Veils in this mission.

If you run across Narmer Veil Grineer enemies, ensure you don’t accidentally kill them. When you find one, use Kahl’s third ability, the stun grenade, on fellow Grineer troops. If you do it right, they will be stunned, and a prompt to remove the veil will appear on your screen.

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Walk up and hit the button prompt to initiate a short quick time event where you have to mash the button prompt to fill a meter. Once you’ve filled this meter, you will break their Narmer Veil and add a Grineer solder to your squad. The optional objective for the Prison Break mission is to break five Narmer Veils. Performing this action whenever you encounter hostile Grineer will quickly complete this optional objective.

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Completing this optional objective will grant you Stock. This resource is used to purchase rare upgrades, mods, and the Styanax Warframe from Chipper at the Drifter campground. You can only earn a handful of Stock each week, so make sure to perform all the optional challenges to earn lots of Stock in Warframe.