How to catch rare fish on the Plains of Eidolon in Warframe

Fishing is a relaxing activity in Warfame, and this guide covers how to catch rare fish in Plains of Eidolon.

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One of the Nightwave challenges to complete in Warframe asks us to go to the Plains of Eidolon and catch six rare fish. This guide will show you how to wrap up this quest quickly.

The first thing to do is to ensure you have everything you need to catch some rare fish. We’ll keep this guide as friendly as possible for new players to ensure you don’t need to grind too much Standing to complete this challenge.

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Fishing guide for the Plains of Eidolon

The first thing you need is Lanzo Fishing Spear. You can buy this from Fisher Hai-Luk at Cetus for 500 Standing. It also helps to get some Luminous Dye, which you can get for 100 Standing. These items can be bought from Hai-Luk without ranking up with the Ostrons Syndicate.

Finally, you will need some Murkray Bait. To get this, you must have achieved the rank of Visitor with the Ostrons, which will cost you 200 Standing. If you are new to the game, don’t worry too much about spending Standing on fishing items, as fishing is one of the best ways to earn Standing in the game quickly.

How to make Murkray Bait in Warframe

To make Murkray Bait, you will need the following resource:

  • Five Tralok Eyes
  • Five Mortus Horn
  • 10 Goopolla Spleen
  • 20 Fish Meat

Before heading out to the Plains, ensure you equip all these items in your Gear Wheel via your Arsenal.

Where do you catch rare fish on the Plains of Eidolon

Image via Digital Extremes (edited by Gamepur)

Load into the Plains, then head for the mark shown by the player indicator and cursor on the map above. The ocean below the Hillside Ruin always seems to have some active hotspots. Make sure you look around to find areas in the water with bubbles coming to the surface; this is where you want to fish. Murkray can be caught during the day or at night, so it doesn’t matter when you go fishing.

Now equip your Lanzo Spear, throw in your dye and Murkray bait, and wait for the fish to appear. Catching all the fish you need at this spot takes only a few minutes.

It should be noted that Murkray, Norg, Cuthol, and Glappid fish are all considered rare, so if you have been playing for a while and have the relevant bait, you can catch any of these types of fish for the Challenge.

There you go. Now you know an easy way to catch rare fish on the Plains of Eidolon. Konzu isn’t the only one getting an early lunch today. As you are near Cetus, you might want to pick up a Sepfahn and build a new Zaw.