Where is Shanty Town in Fortnite?

It’s a nice neighborhood. Honest.


Fortnite’s map is covered with smaller locations that are not named, making them awkward for people to find. One such place is Santy Town. While it may not be a place you need to visit often, it is still a good idea to know where this landmark is.

Shanty Town can be found on the southwest coast of the island, directly across from Sludge Swamp. It is a small selection of wooden buildings, mostly run-down and isolated. It is not the worst place in the game to drop, as you can do a little looting before making your way to busier areas such as Holly Hedges or Sludgy Swamp.

It is also easy enough to pick up a boat in this area, so you could also head along the coast if you felt like the storm circle was going to shrink in your favor.

One of the main reasons to visit Shanty Town in Chapter 2 Season 8 is to find the bottles of Ghoulish Green paint that are hidden there. A new Toona Fish skin in the Battle Pass can be given all manner of colors that need to be collected from different places on the island. The Ghoulish Green bottles of paint can be found at Shanty Town.