Where is the Aether Compass in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker?

The location of the Aether Compass has changed.

The Aether Compass is a key item that you’ll want to use in Final Fantasy XIV to locate aether currents. By finding aether currents, you unlock the ability for your mount to fly into the air in a given region, making it easier to travel around specific areas. But you need to locate every region’s unique aether current locations, which means using the Aether Compass often. For Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, the Aether Compass is in a new location in your inventory. Here’s where you can find your Aether Compass in Final Fantasy XIV.

You’ll no longer need to visit your key items to find it. Instead, you need to go down to the Duty tab and go to Collection. From there, you’ll now see the Aether Compass as an option for you to select.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The item works the same way as it previously did. When you’re out in the world searching for aether currents, activate the item and you’ll receive a small notification about if you can find any nearby. The closest one will be revealed to you by indicating the location in yalms, and the exact direction. You’ll need to do a lot of footwork to find these aether currents, but it makes moving around on your map much easier.