Where is the Bonesmith in Sea of Thieves? All Skeleton Curse cosmetics

Be a spooky scary skeleton with style.

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

Upon doing the Ritual of the Flame in Sea of Thieves, you’ll have the uncanny ability to equip the Skeleton Curse and sail the sea as nothing but bones. Upon first transforming into your new form, you’ll notice that you’re not wearing a single thing. Perhaps what makes this truly a curse is that you can’t equip any of your existing cosmetics as a skeleton. However, if you find the Bonesmith in Sea of Thieves, you’ll find that he’ll have plenty of wares to offer and make your skeleton all spiffy.

Bonesmith location in Sea of Thieves

After fighting for Flameheart for so long, you should know how to enter the Reaper’s Lair. Go to The Reaper’s Hideout and play “Who Shall Not Be Returning” on the elevator. Once the elevator lowers, follow the long and winding path to the center hub of the lair. Once you reach the central area, cross the wooden bridge across the lava, then take an immediate right instead of going down the center.

You’ll see skeleton cages hanging ahead, and just past that is the Bonesmith’s shop. There will be stacks of coffins everywhere, and you’ll see the shady NPC himself hunching over with a coffin strapped onto his back. You can’t miss him.

All Bonesmith Skeleton Curse cosmetics in Sea of Thieves

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

As of this writing, there are 28 different cosmetic pieces you can buy from the Bonesmith. These are unlocked for purchase by earning Commendations or raising your Allegiance for Servants of the Flame.

Skeleton Curse bone colors

  • Mottled Bones – Allegiance Level 105
  • Crimson Bones – “Rolling Bones” Commendation
  • Ashen Bones – “Stories From the Dead” Commendation
  • Verdant Bones – “In His Name” Commendation
  • Two-Tone Bones – “The Flame Never Dies” Commendation
  • Sunken Bones – Allegiant Level 200
  • Golden Bones – Allegiance Level 1000

Skeleton Curse head cosmetics

  • Buckethead Skull – Allegiance Level 170
  • Barnacled Skull – “Rack Them Up” Commendation
  • Short-Fuse Skull – “My Booming Bones” Commendation
  • Bearded Skull – “Bony Fort” Commendation
  • Blindfolded Skull – “Afeared of No Ghost” Commendation
  • Golden-Top Skull – Allegiance Level 140
  • Repaired Skull – Allegiance Level 110

Skeleton Curse torso cosmetics

  • Wheel-Built Upper Body – “His Favourite Crew” Commendation
  • Concealed Upper Body – “Rising Up” Commendation
  • Lobster Pot Upper Body – Allegiance Level 190
  • Barrel-Chested Upper Body – “Pathetic Tokens” Commendation
  • Greatcoat Upper Body – Allegiance Level 130
  • Gold-Shouldered Upper Body – Allegiance Level 160
  • Rib Caged Upper Body – “Boo Be Gone!” Commendation

Skeleton Curse legs cosmetics

  • Skeletal Skirt Lower Body – “Risk it All” Commendation
  • Sunken Stump Lower Body – Allegiance Level 120
  • Weighty Lower Body – Allegiance Level 180
  • Rags ‘n’ Bones Lower Body – “Stories From the Dead” Commendation
  • Twin Pegs Lower Body – “Live to Serve” Commendation
  • Swag Shorts Lower Body – “One of the Crew” Commendation
  • Ironfoot Lower Body – Allegiance Level 150