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Where is the Creektooth Den quest start in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight?

The Azure Span's most hidden quest chain.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has some of the best side quests featured in the game over its two decades of existence. It is very apparent that Blizzard’s team took the time to develop these mini-stories and created memorable characters and settings. Some of these quests are hidden off the beaten trail but are needed to complete the Sojourner achievements. Creektooth Den is a hidden series of quests that is part of the Sojourner of Azure Span achievement. The quest chain is found in the northwest part of the Azure Span zone.

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Where to start the Creektooth Den quest chain in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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To start the Creektooth Den quest chain, you are going to want to find a Gnoll named Gnoll Mon-Ark in the Azure Span. He’s wearing a crown and can be found at coordinates 16.22, 20.89 at the entrance to the Creektooth Den. This area isn’t listed by name on the map but it’s just off the trail that leads north away from Brackenhide Hollow. Gnoll Mon-Ark is actually pretty comical. He is convinced that he is the king of his race, and is upset that the Creektooth Gnolls won’t submit to his rule.

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Completing the Creektooth Den quest chain in World of Warcraft: Dragoflight

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To complete the quest chain, simply join Gnoll Mon-Ark in doing the following quests at the Creektoothh Den:

  • By Royal Decree – This is the start of the quest chain found at coordinates 16.22, 20.89. You are tasked with slaying eight Brackenhide Warriors and four Brackenhide Shamans.
  • Rot Rancher – Collect 20 Smelly Ooze, a drop from Errant Rot, but can also be looted from Rotting Sap Piles in the area.
  • Keys to the Kingdom – Find the Sticky Gnoll Key on the ground next near coordinates 13.82, 21.90. Next, go inside the building at coordinates 14.57, 20.50 and open Royal Coffers to get Gnoll Lances.
  • Making a Mountain Out of a Gnoll Hill – Jump on Purified Slime in the area and use your extra action button to destroy three totems in the same space.
    One Bad Apple – Go to the cave with Gnoll Mon-Ark at coordinates 12.91, 22.09. There you will need to open the cages. Defeat the enemies until you can speak with one of the gnolls, then pull the nearby root to spawn Root of Decay and kill it.

This will complete the Creektooth Den section of quests. There are a ton of other secrets to find across the Dragon Isles, and some really nifty rewards should you go exploring in overlooked places.

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