Where is the gun store in Roblox Brookhaven

Play cops and robbers with guns in Roblox Brookhaven!

Standing in the new gun store in Roblox Brookhaven

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If you are looking to wreak some mayhem in the Roblox town of Brookhaven, you should consider paying the gun store, Iron Sights, a visit. Of course, combat and violence are prohibited in this RP experience, so there is no way to hurt other players on the server. On the other hand, firing a gun does generate a bullet hole effect on walls and pavement, which could add immersion to those who want to roleplay “cops and robbers” or some form of battle royale shooter in Roblox Brookhaven.

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Finding the gun store in Roblox Brookhaven RP

Finding the secret gun store in Roblox Brookhaven
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The gun store in Roblox Brookhaven will be initially hidden unless someone on your server has already tampered with its mechanics, revealing its location to the public. Nonetheless, if you want to get some light or heavy firearms for yourself, the procedure should take no less than a minute. From the spawn point near the central fountain, go down the main road to the left, past the Police Station. At School Street, take a left and make your way towards the Mail & Packages and Brookhaven Dealership in Roblox. Above the Library & Books entrance, you will notice a staircase leading to the Zerizon shop.

Holding an assault rifle in Roblox Brookhaven
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Go up the stairs and enter Zerizon, but immediately turn left at the entrance. Examine the wall, and you will notice three options: Phone Store, Gun Store, and Auto Parts. Selecting Gun Store will cause the shop in Roblox Brookhaven to transform into Iron Sights, where you can freely acquire an automatic assault rifle, an ordinary rifle, a shotgun weapon, and a pistol. You can equip all of them at once and even give them to your peers. You can revert the gun store back to another shop by selecting another option using the method above. However, remember that choosing a different shop will trigger a two-minute cooldown timer, during which you must wait before changing the store again.