Where is the Ibolhomen Church collectible in Generation Zero?

Discovering one of the trickiest finds in Generation Zero.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As Generation Zero informs players how many collectibles can be found in a given location, hunting these down can be a breeze. No matter, there will be times where the souvenirs are not technically where they are said to be. The best instance of this is the collectible that players are told is in Ibolhomen Church. As the church only bears additional ammo and crafting resources, it turns out the item is not even inside the building.

The sole collectible that players should be searching for is the Apostolic Band mixtape — one of 22 in the game. To find this item, head near the front entrance of the church and look outside for the nearby white truck with a yellow horn painted on it. Open up the truck’s passenger door, and the mixtape should be seen glowing behind the seat. If it isn’t glowing, point your cursor near the bottom of the seat (as shown below), and the item should then be highlighted.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Apostolic Band mixtape is the only collectible found around the Ibolhomen Church, so there’s no need to dig through the area any longer. If you’ve been able to track down the rest of the mixtapes as well, getting this souvenir should unlock the “DJ” achievement. In addition, finding this item is also key to getting the “Tourist” achievement unlocked once each category of collectibles has been completely filled.

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