All Bunker locations in Generation Zero

Command Bunkers are stuffed with valuable loot.

Generation Zero bunkers

Image via Avalanche Studios

Generation Zero takes the familiar trappings of a post-apocalyptic survival scenario and ratchets up the tension in one particular aspect: the scarcity of supplies. The game can be very unforgiving when it comes to the loot you need to scavenge in order to survive and make progress. Fighting murderous machines without enough ammo or healing supplies is punishingly hard. Luckily, like in any good open-world game, Generation Zero has loot hot zones: the Command Bunkers.

Command Bunkers are secret locations scattered around Sweden that players must travel to for the opportunity of getting high-value loot. Command Bunkers in Generation Zero contain good amounts of blueprints and supplies, and most importantly, plenty of ammo. Most Bunker locations also have a Safehouse as well. Below is the list of all Command Bunker locations in Generation Zero with their map coordinates:

  • Hermelinen Command Bunker: 94, -3470
  • MÃ¥rden Command Bunker: 2037, -1230
  • Minken Command Bunker: -1928, 2568
  • Muskudden Port Complex: -4575, -15
  • Skvaden Command Bunker: -1520, -3302
  • Sorken Command Bunker: -444, -1385
  • Uttern Command Bunker: -2865, 463
  • Vesslan command Bunker: 1572, 3848

To get to each Command Bunker in Generation Zero, you need to locate them on your map using these coordinates. Coordinates are displayed in the bottom right corner of your screen when you open up your map. Using them as your guide, you should be able to navigate to each Command Bunker in Generation Zero fairly easily. Fighting off the enemies around them is a whole other story, of course.