Where is the tanning salon in Roblox Brookhaven

Getting a free tan has never been easier in Roblox Brookhaven!

Standing in the Spray Tan of the tanning salon in Roblox Brookhaven

Screenshot by Gamepur

Regardless of the season, it is never too late or early to get a tan in Roblox Brookhaven, and the tanning salon is the perfect place to get a stylish darker look for your skin. With the game’s February 2023 update, many shops have changed their locations in town, causing players to be bewildered as to the whereabouts of their favorite stores. Fortunately, the tanning salon is easy to find and not too far away from the spawn point, so you should be able to get your skin makeover within less than a minute of entering a server.

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Finding the tanning salon in Roblox Brookhaven

Location of tanning salon in Roblox Brookhaven
Screenshot by Gamepur

While the tanning salon’s location in Roblox Brookhaven is fixed, you might not always see the shop in the same place. This is because many stores can swap between three selections, allowing players to access a new shop depending on their roleplay scenarios without needing to relocate. After you have entered the server, make your way down the main road to the Police Station. Before crossing School Street, look right at the building corner next to The Oaks Community and head up the staircase leading to the shop above the Arcade. In our case, this location was the Breakfast Republic cafe.

Lying in the Tanning Machine inside the tanning salon in Roblox Brookhaven
Screenshot by Gamepur

Examine the wall to the right of the entrance, and you will be met with the options: Party, Tanning Salon, and Breakfast. Selecting one of these will transform the room into the option you chose, allowing for the next change to occur after a two-minute cooldown. Accordingly, you can select “Tanning Salon” to change the second-floor shop into the tanning salon in Roblox Brookhaven. The location will offer a spray tan machine, a commercial tanning bed, and a standing tanning device. From our testing, none of these machines changed the visual appearance of our Roblox Avatar, but we could easily play along by using the Avatar Editor on the right of the HUD to give ourselves a “tan.”