Where to stoke campfires at Camp Cod in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 – All locations

Light my fire.


For Week 9 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 we will need to light three campfires at Camp Cod. Camp Cod can be found near the south side of the island, off the the coast.

There are three campfires that you can find on the island, show on the map below.

Campfire Locations

Remember, you need to stoke the campfires, not just light them. This means you will need at least 30 Wood for each campfire. If you get to the campfire and it has already been burnt out by another player, you will need to use 300 Wood to reset it, then 30 Wood to stoke it.

You need to stoke all three of them, so if somebody else gets to them all first, it could cost up to 990 Wood to get all three. As such, for this challenge, we would advise you to drop straight into Camp Cod and get the challenge finished up before anybody else.

Once all three of them have been stoked and the challenge is complete, you should be able to get some great loot, as Camp Cod has plenty of loot and chest spawns. When you are done in the area, head to the garage at the west side of the small island, and you should be able to find a vehicle spawn there.

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