Where to buy boss armor sets in Elden Ring

Wear the armor of fallen legends.

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Almost every Souls game made by FromSoftware gives you a way to purchase boss armor and weaponry — the gear those terrors used against you that you can now bring to bear against more enemies. It wasn’t always clear how to get boss armor, but in Elden Ring, the process is simple, easy to access, and available no matter where you are in a playthrough.

Boss armor merchant location in Elden Ring

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To buy boss armor sets in Elden Ring, head to Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable Hold. You’ll need to have obtained at least one Great Rune and spoken with the Two Fingers. You’ll most likely visit her following your defeat of Godrick, but any boss that rewards a Great Rune will do. The previously set of closed doors at the back of the Roundtable will be open, and you’ll be able to speak to the two, for instance, yields nothing.

Enia won’t initially sell boss armor, but after you defeat Rennala, Queen of the FulI Moon, a new option will appear in Enia’s vendor menu: “Receive equipment of champions.”

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Opening this new menu will let you buy the armor of any boss that allows it. Renalla, Radahn, Malenia, and many others will eventually find their way to Enia’s boss armor shop. Be aware that not all bosses with Remembrances will have available armor sets. It would be silly for the likes of Rykard or even Godrick to have armor a regular human could wear. However, non-Remembrance bosses like Elemer of the Briar and Commander Niall provide their sets.

Boss armor is also expensive, befitting its stature and high stats. They come in four-piece sets and, depending on the armor’s source, could cost as little as a few thousand Runes for Renalla’s set to nearly 100,000 for Malenia or Godfrey. You can wear boss armor regardless of your character’s gender, and little about the look will change, though certain kinds might fit better on one body type over the other. Ultimately, whatever your version of Fashion Souls ends up being to you is most important.