What to do after beating Rennala the Full Moon Queen in Elden Ring

The path forward is not linear.

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After you’ve defeated Rennala the Full Moon Queen in Elden Ring, you’ll have a bit of difficulty finding out what to do next. There are a handful of things you can do to make your time easier, though. There’s no wrong answer, so long as you progress in the game and continue exploring. In this guide, we cover what you can do after beating Rennala the Full Moon Queen in Elden Ring.

Where to go after beating Rennala the Full Moon Queen in Elden Ring

If this was your second major boss battle, you have two choices. You can continue heading north on the map and explore past the Grand Lift of Dectus. To access this lift, you’ll need to find two parts of a Medallion. One of those parts is in Fort Faroth, and the other is in Fort Haight. Once you have both medallions, you can use the lift and explore the areas beyond Liurnia into the Atlus Plateau. This is more of a straight path forward and is likely the course you want to go to unlock more of the main quests in Elden Ring, but the difficulty does become more challenging. You might want to veer off this specific path and search elsewhere, especially if you want to level and become more powerful.

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Alternatively, you can continue heading to the southeast, and storm Redmane Castle, which you can find in the southeast part of Caelid. Here, you’ll be able to find one of the other larger bosses in the game, or you can freely explore the Caelid area if you haven’t visited this region too much around.

These are two of the more common choices, but you can also go off these paths and begin exploring some of the smaller locations in the game. Many of the minor dungeons and caves scattered throughout the game contain several items that you can use to aid you, or you can choose to continue leveling up, becoming stronger for the battles that are awaiting you. You might even want to return to the Round Table and speak with some NPCs to see how much of the world has changed now that you’ve begun to alter it.

Defeating Rennala serves as a suitable halfway point, and you’re one step closer to making it to some of the large strings tying this game together. Plus, defeating Rennala means you can now reset your skill points to readjust your character if you’d like to give them a new build, which is always a huge plus.