Where to catch a Princess Trout in Final Fantasy XIV

Fish on.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’re going to find hundreds of fish that you can catch in Final Fantasy XIV. They’re scattered worldwide, and catching each of them adds another fish to your Fishing Log. For those on the hunt for Princess Trout, you don’t have to go too far to find them. In this guide, we’re going to detail where you need to go to catch Princess Trout in Final Fantasy.

Princess Trout are slightly more common of a fish to catch, especially when you’re initially starting in Final Fantasy XIV’s Disciple of Land Fishing profession. You can begin catching Princess Trouth when you reach level five Fishing, and you should be able to find them in several freshwater sources.

We’ve been able to find Princess Trout in the Rogue River, West Agelyss River, and Nym River in the Middle La Noscea region, or you can find them at The Mourning Widow area in the Lower La Noscea region. All of these are freshwater sources.

When you arrive, you’ll want to use a Crayfish Ball as bait and wait around 10 seconds to see if you get a bite. You may have to try several times before you hook a Princess Trout, but when you’re starting in the Fishing profession, they’re a great way to get a few early levels.