Where to catch a Smaragdos in Final Fantasy XIV

What gear are you using?

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The Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion not only added a massive storyline but plenty of areas for you to explore with numerous resources for you to add to your collection. You’ll need to find these resources to complete quests or level up your character. For those looking to complete the Fishing Leve quests, eventually, you’ll need to hunt down the Smaragdos fish in Final Fantasy XIV. Here’s what you need to go and how you can catch the Smaragdos fish in Final Fantasy XIV.

Before you look for a Smaragdos, you need to proper gear. You’re going to want to use a Sky Spoon lure to catch it. You can acquire the Sky Spoon lure from the Scrip exchange for 50 White Scrips. You can earn 50 White Scrips from the Collector in Radz-at-Hand at coordinates (X:11, Y:10) or by completing Stadium Delivery quests in Old Sharlayan at coordinates (X:4, Y:9). After collecting all 50, return to the Scrip Exchange to retrieve your Sky Spoon lure.

The next step is to progress through the Endwalker Main Scenario story enough to unlock Elpis. When you reach this region, you’ll be able to find Smaragdos. Players have reported catching it at Anagnorisis, at coordinates (X:30.2, Y:17.9). You’ll need to wait for a pair of exclamation points to appear above your character for a chance to catch a Smaragdos.