Where to collect Omni Chips at Crispy Crater in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

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Screenshot by DoubleXP

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Week 6 of the Omni Chip challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 will have you searching in some of the less-visited landmarks on the map. The smallest of these is the new Crispy Crater location; so much so, it is incredibly easy to miss. Here’s how to travel to this mysterious area and where it keeps its Omni Chips.

Players may actually know Crispy Crater as the small black dots that are in between Greasy Grove and Rocky Reels on the map. Despite its size, there are three Omni Chips spread out at the landmark, but you can also run into more at Tumbledown Temple and Seven Outpost II. All Omni Chip locations in Crispy Crater can be discovered below.

Screenshot by DoubleXP
  • Omni Chip #1: You’ll want to start this challenge by heading to the three craters closest to the stream east of Greasy Grove. The first Omni Chip you’ll find is in the crater that is near IO barricades.
  • Omni Chip #2: Walking southeast from the first Omni Chip, the next is sitting in the crater closest to the stream.
  • Omni Chip #3: Lastly, head to the crater furthest south at the landmark. This final chip will be just outside of it, floating alongside a broken brick wall and chest.

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