Where to collect the Level Up Token northeast of Sanctuary in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

A token that may require the use of a motorboat.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Although the Omega skin from Fortnite Season 4 was a fine addition, there is nothing more rewarding than unlocking his latest variation, Omega Knight, and his dedicated cosmetics in Chapter 3 Season 2. Luckily, players can chase after that feeling and Level Up Tokens some more with Week 3 of the Omega Knight quests now live. In this batch of challenges, there is one Level Up Token that is only said to be northeast of Sanctuary. This hint surely doesn’t help much, but here’s where you can collect it.

For this token, players will need to take this search to the seas, as the item is actually set on one of the islands on the east coast. More specifically, it is located at the Launchpad landmark, the largest land mass in the circle of islands. As shown below, you can discover the token in the center of the Launchpad on the second floor of an outpost building. Those with some extra time on their hands may find it best to speak to The Visitor NPC walking around the building. As long as you have 600 Gold, the character can lend you valuable items like the Boom Sniper Rifle and Jetpack.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

At the time of writing, there are currently 21 Level Up Tokens to discover from the first three weeks of the quest pack. That means rewards such as the Knight’s Torment Black Bling and Harvesting Tool, as well as their golden styles, are available for anyone able to find all of the present tokens. As if that wasn’t good enough, another week of challenges is set to release on May 25 with seven more Level Up Tokens to run into. Once all 28 are discovered, the Omega Knight’s own golden style will automatically unlock from your inventory.

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