Where to collect Thrashball Memorabilia in Fortnite Chapter 3 – Gears of War Challenge

Thanks for the memories.

To celebrate the release of the new Gears of War skins, Fortnite has released some new challenges for players. You can earn some XP and Spray by completing them, so you might as well take the time. One fo the challenge is to collect some Thrashball memorabilia.

The best place to go to do this is actually Tilted Towers. Now, Tilted Towers is technically not in the game yet, but that is just a technicality. Make your way to the point shown on the map and you will notice some frozen squares and other shapes.

Image by Gamepur

This is actually a snowed-in Tilted Towers! Eagled-eyed fans spotted it on day one of the new chapter. Now, on the image below you will see the locations of all three pieces of memorabilia. For the one on the right, you will need to destroy a vehicle to get to it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

And that’s it, all three pieces that you need easily found in one place. Enjoy the XP for your battle pass.

You can find the rest of the Gears of War Challenges below.

  • Collect Three COG Tags
  • Crouch Behind a Barrier
  • Damage an Opponent with a Melee Attack
  • Do Shotgun Damage to an Opponent
  • Collect Three Thrashball Memorabilia