Where to find a Ferrari 296 GTB in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

It’s sleek.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fortnite is doing a very fun crossover with Ferrari, including bringing a Ferrari 296 GTB to the game! There are three different challenges that center around the car, so players are curious about where to find it.

From our time spent in the game, a Ferrari is pretty much guaranteed to be at the expanded garage near the gas station to the west of Holly Hatchery. Every time we have dropped in here, we have found a Ferrari 296 GTB at this location. You can see it marked by the blue waypoint below, and the red arrows show the starting location of the time trials.

The three different challenges are as follows

  • Reach Top Speed in a Ferrari 296 GTB
  • Complete Ferrari 296 GTB Time Trails
  • Drive a Ferrari 296 GTB through the Storm

The first challenge is simply a matter of grabbing the car and making sure it is fully fueled. After that, hit the road and remember to boost on a straight section to hit maximum speed. The start of the Time Trial is marked on the map above with the red arrow, so once the first challenge is complete, make your way there and drive through the blue checkpoint, then each subsequent checkpoint.

Finally, the driving through a storm portion is fairly self-explanatory, just head to a part of the island that is in the storm and drive the car through it.