Where to find Albinauric Blood in Elden Ring – and what it does

It’s dark in here.

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With so many different ingredients hidden throughout the Lands Between, it’s easy to miss a few along your journey. Especially when some ingredients, like Albinauric Blood, only show up in specific (not to mention optional) locations.

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You can find Albinauric Blood at the Village of the Albinaurics (indicated above) in the western part of Liurnia of the Lakes. There will be some lying around that you can pick up, but you can also farm it consistently by defeating Albinaurics. There are quite a few around the village, but the easiest area to farm is the hill that leads to the Site of Grace, since the Albinaurics are spread apart and not lying in wait for an ambush. They shouldn’t be to difficult to take out either, as their slow speed makes them easy targets for melee critical hits.

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Once you get your Albinauric Blood, you can use it (along with some Mushrooms) to craft an Albinauric Pot, so long as you’ve already acquired the Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook [3]. Albinauric Pots are particularly useful during PvP encounters, as they can be thrown at enemies to prevent them from using a Flask of Tears. Throwing an Albinauric Pot does, however, come at a cost of eight FP.

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