Where to find all Ascendant Anchor locations in Trostland in Destiny 2

Firmly planted.

Ascendant Anchors are a new resource that players will be farming up during Season of the Lost in Destiny 2. Each week, some new one will spawn in one of the game’s explorable areas. During Week 1, they appear in Trostland.

There are five in total that appear in Trostland, and they are not that awkward to find, thankfully. They have a pink glow that is easy to spot, and a beam of energy that extends from the anchor up into the air above it, making them easier to find.

Trostland Ascendant Anchor #1

The first one is directly in front of where you spawn in at Trostland on the EDZ.

Trostland Ascendant Anchor #2

From there, move straight ahead and slightly left to the broken-down building with the red sign on the front to find the second one.

Trostland Ascendant Anchor #3

Now, move all the way down to the back of the area near the main archway where the public events take place. In the far right corner, you will find the third Ascendant Anchor.

Trostland Ascendant Anchor #4

The fourth Ascendant Anchor can be found on some boxes in the church.

Trostland Ascendant Anchor #5

After grabbing that, head out to the right side of the church and you will find a broken building directly ahead with the entire top floor caved in. Jump up there to find the fight and final Ascendant Anchor in Trostland.