Where to find all Lost Actions in the Bozjan Southern Front in Final Fantasy XIV

Find these special abilities.

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Lost Actions are special abilities players can only use in the Forbidden Land, Eureka, and the Bozjan Southern Front. By collecting these Lost Actions, you can build up a special set of abilities, pulling off otherwise impossible feats. Reflect magic spells back at your enemies, heal yourself and others while on a non-healer job, or even kill an enemy instantaneously.

Farm and appraise forgotten fragments

Before you can use these skills, you have to find certain fragment items within the Bozjan Southern Front. You obtain these fragments by defeating certain enemies across the map. Turning the fragments into the Resistance Appraiser at the main camp rewards you with Lost Actions.

The map within the Bozjan Southern Front is split into three sections. The lower, middle, and upper zones contain their own set of enemies, each of which may drop the specified fragments.

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Lower Zone

  • Lost Fragment of Caution: Stealth, Manawall, Incense, Protect, Shell, Cure, Cure III
  • Enemies to kill: Fern Flower, Ink Claw, Tideborn Angel
  • Lost Fragment of Preparation: Potion, Phoenix Down
  • Enemies to kill: Thunder Sprite, Water Sprite, Bozjan Wraith, Bozjan Geshunpest
  • Lost Fragment of Skill: Essence of the Veteran, Essence of the Martialist, Essence of the Savior, Essence of the Platebearer, Essence of the Aetherweaver
  • Enemies to kill: Bozjan Matamata, Korrigan, Bozjan Mudpuppy, Bozjan Orodon, Bozjan Nepenthes

Middle Zone

  • Forgotten Fragment of Care: Potion Kit, Ether Kit, Reraiser
  • Enemies to kill: Earth Sprite, Wind Sprite, Bozjan Wight, Bozjan Dullahan
  • Forgotten Fragment of Awakening: Essence of the Irregular, Essence of the Profane, Essence of the Skirmisher, Essence of the Ordained, Essence of the Guardian, Essence of the Breathtaker, Essence of the Watcher
  • Enemies to kill: Bandersnatch, Antlion, Bozjan Biast, Taipan
  • Forgotten Fragment of Ingenuity: Dispel, Banish, Paralyze, Steelsting, Swift, Spellforge
  • Enemies to kill: Viy, Smok, Psoglav

Upper Zone

  • Forgotten Fragment of Support: Reflect, Bravery, Stoneskin
  • Enemies to kill: Wind Sprite, Earth Sprite, Water Sprite, Thunder Sprite
  • Forgotten Fragment of Violence: Focus, Death, Slash
  • Enemies to kill: Clingy Clare, Patty, Bird of Barathrum, Bozjan Rider, Bozjan Gravekeeper
  • Forgotten Fragment of Compassion: Medkit, Arise, Cure II, Cure IV
  • Enemies to kill: Phobozuchus, Ranunculus, Bozjan Ochu, Bozjan Anzu, Bozjan Monitor, Bozjan Doll, Bozjan Snake, Bozjan Wadjet, Bozjan Gobbue, Bozjan Elasmoth, Bozjan Screamer, Bozjan Elbst

Besides finding fragments around the map, you can also obtain them from Critical Engagements and encounters within Castrum Lacus Litore. These fragments contain the most powerful Lost Actions available within the Bozjan Southern Front.

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Critical Engagements

  • Forgotten Fragment of Resolve: Banner of Honed Acuity, Banner of Tireless Conviction, Banner of Solemn Clarity, Banner of Firm Resolve, Banner of Noble Ends, Banner of Honored Sacrifice
  • Critical Engagements: Where Strode the Behemoth, Trampled under Hoof, Metal Fox Chaos

Castrum Lacus Litore

  • Forgotten Fragment of Caprice: Fair Trade, Mimic, Dynamis Dice
  • Forgotten Fragment of Sagacity: Font of Skill, Font of Magic, Font of Power
  • Forgotten Fragment of Superstition: Essence of the Beast, Essence of the Templar, Essence of the Bloodsucker
  • Forgotten Fragment of Transcendence: Deep Essence of the Templar, Deep Essence of the Bloodsucker, Deep Essence of the Beast
  • Forgotten Fragment of Becoming: Deep Essence of the Guardian, Deep Essence of the Skirmisher, Deep Essence of the Irregular, Deep Essence of the Breathtaker, Deep Essence of the Profane, Deep Essence of the Ordained, Deep Essence of the Watcher
  • Forgotten Fragment of Mastery: Deep Essence of the Savior, Deep Essence of the Platebearer, Deep Essence of the Aetherweaver, Deep Essence of the Veteran, Deep Essence of the Martialist