Where to Find All Prepper Stash Locations in Far Cry 5

The folks living in Hope County have been preparing for the mess that the Peggies have created for a while. This leads to an abundance of prepper stashes in Far Cry 5, something that you, as the lowly deputy that you are, should take full advantage of. One of the biggest benefits of going through all the prepper stash locations, is that each will contain several perk magazines. This guide will show you the location and how to access each prepper stash location in all of the game’s areas, including Dutch’s Island, John’s Region, Jacob’s Region, and Faith’s Region.

Dutch’s Island

Sunken Funds Prepper Stash

This is the very first prepper stash you will encounter in the game. In order to lower the water, head to the nearby boathouse and throw the breaker. Then turn on the pump, bust through a wooden barricade, and profit.

John’s Region

Swingers Prepper Stash

Just past Rae-Rae’s pumpkin farm, climb the scaffolding and swing your way underneath the bridge. You will need to have the grappling hook perk unlocked to access this prepper stash.

Foxhole Prepper Stash

This old cabin can be set on fire by blowing up the large propane tank. Then head inside and climb to the caved in roof in order to reach the room with the underground bunker door.

Playing with Fire Prepper Stash

You’ll need to find a key, if you cannot pick the lock, to access this stash. The key is on a dead body on the other side of the pipe, near a snake and a bear. Also be aware of an angry beaver!

Long Range Lockpick Prepper Stash

This stash is accessed by heading to the other side of the lake and shooting the lock through the window with a long range rifle.

High Tension Prepper Stash

This prepper stash is accessed via a series of zip lines. Don’t stop hopping from tree to tree until you’re inside the stash in the silo.

Dumpster Diving Prepper Stash

There’s not as much dumpster involved here but definitely a little bit of diving. Hold your breath!

D.I.Y. and D.O.A. Prepper Stash

The owner of this stash definitely didn’t want visitors but don’t let that stop you. Just keep going.

Deep Dive Prepper Stash

Reaching this stash requires a short dive for a key and then some water pump action to allow you to access the prepper stash.

Man Cave Prepper Stash

This stash requires moving of a trailer with a pickup truck and will also unlock a garage for you to use in the future.

Fire in the Hole Prepper Stash

Hope you’re not afraid of the dark as this prepper stash requires you to keep going through an old mine shaft until you reach your goal.

Vespiary Prepper Stash

This one is pretty easy as long as you avoid the bees. As you see in the video, I was too tempted by the safe to listen to my own advice.

Faith’s Region

Pooper Scooper Prepper Stash

After searching through some literal poop, you’ll find a key for one of the cabins hiding the prepper stash.

Animal Control Prepper Stash

There’s probably a few wild animals between you and the loot you’re looking for in this prepper stash.

Overwatch Prepper Stash

Do yourself a favor and just get a helicopter for this stash. I had one and then it slid down the hill and was attacked by a bear. So I had to climb instead.

Angel’s Grave Prepper Stash

This stash will give your climbing gear a workout but leads to a pretty cool location inside a cave.

Dead Man’s Treasure Prepper Stash

This prepper stash is the gift of a dead man. Treasure it, like the clue says.

Getaway Prepper Stash

A little bit of trickery is required to unlock this prepper stash that comes with a full service garage.

O’Hara’s Haunted House Prepper Stash

Mind the jump scares inside the haunted house. Also, if you watch my video, tell me there wasn’t a guy alive in the haunted house that wasn’t there when I got to the prepper stash!

Side Effects Prepper Stash

Another prepper stash hidden underground where you’ll have to deal with a few angels.

Jacob’s Region

Gone Squatchin’ Prepper Stash

This prepper stash requires you to locate the key to the cabin on a body of a Sasquatch believer.

Salvage Rights Prepper Stash

This is probably the game’s smallest stash. Dive to find a key among the wreckage of the airplane and unlock the trunk to get your rewards.

Unwelcome Guest Prepper Stash

This stash involves taking a key from a bear. So good luck with that.


This stash is located on the back of a burning pickup truck and involves scaling the cliffs to get the owner’s keys.

Hangar Pains

As with most things in Far Cry 5, having a helicopter makes reaching this prepper stash a lot easier.


You’ll find the note for this stash on a bridge above the water falls and the loot itself near a crashed airplane.


Some diving is required to reach this prepper stash. Be sure to read the notes as they add some interesting backstory.

The Holdouts

This last stash in our list is hidden inside a bunker owned by some folks who didn’t agree with the cultists. Unfortunately, they didn’t come out on top in this argument.

That’s it for the prepper stash locations in Hope County. For more Far Cry 5 guides, be sure to visit our Guide Hub.