Where to find Armored Batman, Beast Boy, and Superman/Clark Kent in Fortnite

That’s just super.

Armored Batman, Beast Boy, and Superman/Clark Kent have been added to Fortnite, and they have some quests for you. The first thing you will need to do is actually track them down. Now, it is important to know that some form of bug means they are not showing up on the map right now.

We can let you know where they will be arriving when that is fixed, however. On the map below, you will see three new locations marked on the map. Each one corresponds with one of the new superheroes that have been added to the game.

  • Weeping Woods – Armored Batman
  • Dirty Docks – Beast Boy
  • The Orchard – Superman/Clark Kent

The good news is that even though the Superheroes are not appearing on the map right now, it is still possible to do quests for them. If you visit a payphone and pick it up, you might just be lucky, and one of the characters will be there waiting for you and will give you quests.

You can find a full list of payphones in our payphone locations guide that will help you out. You may need to visit a few different payphones, as there will be random NPCs calling each one with quests, so just keep it up and you can eventually get Armored Batman, Beast Boy, or Clark Kent/Superman on the line.