Where to find Balloon Cabbage in Blue Reflection: Second Light

Grab it before it floats away.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Balloon Cabbage is an ingredient in Blue Reflection: Second Light that can be used in all sorts of crafting recipes. It also forms the basis of a few quests in the game, with characters asking for it for specific recipes or just because they need it for something else. This guide explains where you can find Balloon Cabbage so you can deal with these quests as quickly as possible.

Check the orbs while exploring

Screenshot by Gamepur

Balloon Cabbage can be found while exploring The Faraway. It appears in the floating glowing orbs that you’ll see around the area. There’s no way to tell what item is in each of these floating glowing orbs, though, so you’ll need to pick up each one you come across until you’ve found all the Balloon Cabbage you require.

The first time you’ll be asked to find Balloon Cabbage is when you pick up a Request from Yuki. She needs you to find three of them and return them to her. If you’re diligent and pick up every floating glowing orb you see each time you visit The Faraway, then you should have all the Balloon Cabbage you need by the time you encounter this Request. This is just one example of why it’s important to always look for items to collect.