Where to find Black Cores in Valheim

It’s a rare resource in Valheim.

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You will need to track down and locate multiple resources in Valheim, which are critical to completing several crafting projects, from new weapons, and armor, or constructing a proper longhouse. When you start to get stronger in the game and want to progress forward, one of the resources you need to find are Black Cores. These differ from Surtling Cores but are extremely useful for multiple projects. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Black Cores in Valheim.

How to get Black Cores in Valheim

Like when you initially try to find Surtling Cores in Valheim, Black Cores are a resource you primarily locate when investigating Infested Mines. These are unique locations you can only find in the Mistlands, one of the tougher biomes in your Valheim world. We don’t recommend adventuring here until you become comfortable fighting it out in the Plains biome and have plenty of gear to protect yourself from the multiple enemies and monsters awaiting you in the Mistlands.

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Finding these Infested Mines is a challenge. They do not have a set spawn in your world. There’s only a chance for the mines to show up while exploring the Mistlands. Tracking them down will be tough when you’re playing by yourself, especially if you’re trying to navigate the fog of the Mistlands. The only way to look through the fog is by making a Wisp Lantern, and you can only make this if you have enough Black Cores, which becomes a real challenge. It’s a good idea to work with friends, dividing up and trying to track them down.

When you have enough Black Cores, there are several items you may want to begin constructing, such as the Black Forge.