Blueprint locations in Eve Echoes

Find the blueprints to upgrade your ship in Eve Echoes.

Blueprints open up a lot in Eve Echoes, allowing you to build new ships and items that you can use to upgrade, as long as you have all the resources to build. Now, the question is always how to find or earn these Blueprints. Well, there are a few different ways to get blueprints, and we are here to tell you just how to get your hands on them.

Buy on the Market

If you have the ISK to spend, buying Blueprints on the Market is the easiest way to get your hands on them.

Simply tap on “Menu,” go to the “Market” and scroll down until you find “Ship Drawings and Hardware Drawings.” This is where you can select which one you want. It’s cheaper than buying the items outright as well.

Once you have purchased a Blueprint from the Market, you can head to the Inventory. In the bottom-left of your screen, you’ll see “Personal Assets.” This is where you find the Blueprints you buy, and all you’ll have to do is tap on it, then select “Use Blueprint.”

Checking the Trade Hubs

Head to various stations and check out what they have on their Trade Hubs to find any Blueprints.

The stations that you should focus on are Jita, Amarr, 5ZXX-K, and Matar. In our opinion, we believe that 5ZXX-K is the best station since it offers systemic bonuses to the interaction of planets and more fertile fields of asteroids. Nevertheless, they all are good options to find some good Blueprints.

Find Blueprints in Anomalies

Anomalies are random events that will appear while you play the game. Completing these events can sometimes net you a Blueprint.

With the Blueprints in hand and the proper resources to build them with, you can start building and upgrading your ship to take on anything the galaxy throws at you.