Where to Find Caradec’s Bounty Location in Skull and Bones

Scurlock doesn’t seem to run out of jobs for you. Here’s how to complete High Seas Heist in Skull and Bones.

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John Scurlock, that gnarly Kingpin from Saint Anne, has many requests to make from you, but finding Caradec’s Bounty in High Seas Heist is perhaps the most difficult one in Skull and Bones.

Treasure hunting is never easy, but Skull and Bones‘ vague drawings don’t make this task any less hard for you. Once you manage to find the Royal Louis on The African Coast, you’re left to your own devices to open, interpret, and find a location that Caradec’s Bounty treasure map points to. If this scrabble with a few random islands and an hourglass drawn on a rock doesn’t tell you anything, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’ll help you find Royal Louis and pinpoint Caradec’s Bounty Location in Skull and Bones.

How to Find and Beat Royal Louis in Skull and Bones

Get Caradec's Bounty Skull and Bones
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Before setting out to beat Royal Louis in Skull and Bones, make sure to upgrade your ship to level 4. Their ship will be this level, and there might be some allied enemy ships nearby who’ll come to the rescue.

Then, head to the west of the Island of Moon and search for the location marked on the map. You can use your spyglass to look for a big ship firing fireworks that’s your Royal Louis.

Engage the Royal Louis and battle in High Seas Heist. They might try to get away, but if you’re quick, you eliminate Royal Louis and steal the Cardec’s Bounty treasure map. You can open treasure maps by looking for them in your inventory and reading them in Skull and Bones.

Caradec’s Bounty Location in Skull and Bones

Caradec's Bounty Location Skull and Bones
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Caradec’s Bounty can be found in the Royal Burial Ground outpost in Skull and Bones, which is southwest of the area where you fought the Royal Louis. Once you arrive at this outpost, follow these steps to find the Caradec’s Bounty:

Visual ReferenceHow to Find Caradec’s Bounty
Follow the path to the left of Royal Burial Ground.
When you spot a rocky entrance, go straight through it.
Keep following this path straight until you find yourself on top of a hill.
Down the hill, you’ll find a rock with an hourglass and an orange glow. Dig it up to find Caradec’s Bounty in Skull and Bones.
How to Find Caradec's Bounty Skull and BonesIf you find yourself in this bonfire instead, walk right past the blonde pirate drinking to run into Caradec’s Bounty.

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With the treasure in hand, head back to Saint Anne to share your findings with Scurlock to complete High Seas Heist in Skull and Bones.