Where to find Colossoma in Final Fantasy XIV

What’s the best location to find Colossoma?

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There are numerous fish you can catch in Final Fantasy XIV, and while some might be more important than others, you may need to acquire the Colossoma pretty often. Similar to many fish in the game, there are only a handful of places you can find it, and you’ll want to make sure you bring the correct tools with you. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Colossoma in Final Fantasy XIV.

When it comes to locating the Colossoma fish, you can visit Elpis. If you haven’t unlocked this region, you’ll need to work your way through the Endwalker Main Scenario Quest and reach this point in the story. After that, you can find Colossoma in The Lower Hungering Gardens, specifically at coordinates (X:24.4, Y:9.6).

You’ll want to make sure you bring a Versatile Lure with you. However, some players have reported they could successfully capture a Colossoma while also using leech, but they did say it took significantly longer. Therefore, you’re better off using the Versatile Lure and farming this location.

If you’re working on the Levequest, Plumbing the Past, you’ll need to catch at least three Colossoma to complete it. You may need to try at this location several times before you catch enough, although you also have the option of buying these fish on your server’s marketboard, if you’re struggling.