Where to find Dire in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 – NPC #22 Location

Call of the wild.

Throughout Chapter 2 Season 8 of Fortnite, players can expect new NPCs to arrive on the map. While the season began with 17 different NPCs, we have already seen more arrive over the last couple of weeks. Each NPC will offer players different services, often in return for Gold Bars that they can collect while playing.

Dire is a recent addition and can be found near Camp Cod. Camp Cod can be found on the south side of the island, directly south of Catty Corner along the coast. As you get closer to the area, you will be able to see a speech bubble showing where the NPC is. They could be inside the building at the top of the hill on the island where Camp Cod is located or wandering around outside.

Image by Gamepur

Just like all the other NPCs, Dire has a punchcard of challenges that players can complete to get experience for their Battle Pass and Gold Bars to buy various items in the game. He can also sell you a Legendary Rail gun if you need to smack down some opponents from a distance. Each of the below challenges is worth 30,000 XP when it is completed.

  • Emote at the Weather Station, Fort Crumpet, or Lockie’s Lighthouse.
  • Damage wildlife with a melee weapon. (0/40)
  • Destory a dumpster at Lazy Lake or Pleasant Park.
  • Eliminate Cube Monsters in The Sideways with a melee weapon. (0/5)
  • Travel on foot in Misty Meadows. (0/200)