Where To Find Fenglope In Palworld

Fenglope’s hiding in a tricky spot to find in Palworld.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Fenglope is a rather elusive boss in Palworld. This Neutral-type hooved beast can be deadly, even if you are on the same playing field level.

This blue goat Pal is not only strong and more than a little stalwart but fast to boot. Since you’ll be fighting him in a pretty enclosed space, we have a few tips and tricks not only to help you find where Fenglope is hiding but also to not immediately get your Pals handed back to you on a silver platter. Below, we’ll explain how to find Fenglope, fight them, and catch them in Palworld.

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Where To Find and Fight Fenglope in Palworld

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Fenglope is found near the Ascetic Falls. You’ll find their spawn indicator near the clearing just southwest of the fast travel point, which is easy enough to access if you fly with a mount. However, many players are bewildered that Fenglope doesn’t appear in the oval-shaped clearing clearly meant for a boss battle. While the indicator itself is south of my player location above, the player location is actually the true entrance to where you find Fenglope.

Why Won’t Fenglope Spawn?

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Many people think that the Fenglope boss is a glitchy one because of their map placement. When navigating towards the west, you’ll find a clearing where Fenglope seems to be waiting. However, once you get there, all you’ll find is a few Syndicate Thugs and no boss to challenge. The trick with Fenglope is that they are not located above ground in a clearing like the map suggests they are. Rather, you’ll need to navigate just a little bit north until you see a waterfall next to a mining cave. Behind the waterfall, you’ll find the entrance to Fenglope’s domain: a small cave.

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How To Beat and Catch Fenglope in Palworld

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In comparison to some other bosses, Fenglope is relatively tame. It doesn’t have as much HP as Kingpaca and isn’t nearly as strong as Mossanda Lux, but it is considerably faster than both of them. What makes matters hard to handle is not the Pal you are fighting but the environment you are forced to fight them in.

To help yourself with the Fenglope fight, consider some of the following tips:

  • Use Dark type Pals: Since Fenglope is a Neutral type Pal, they’re weak to this typing. It can make a world of difference to have one member, or better yet, your entire team, have the advantage in close-range battle.
  • Switch Pals often: If you see your Pal is getting low on HP, don’t be afraid to switch out. Pals regenerate health over time, so while your next Pal is fighting, your previous one can slowly regain a bit of HP.
  • Don’t be afraid to get in close: Because you are in a cave with Fenglope, there is no long-range combat, at least not for very long before Fenglope closes the distance. Because of this, don’t be afraid to get in close with your attacks.
  • Catch the Fenglope to end the battle early: If you’re really on your last legs in the fights, getting a Pal Sphere ready can be a last-ditch effort to end things quickly. Even if the catch rate is just a few solid percentages, it still has a likelihood to succeed. If your catch rate is lower than one percent, though, it won’t be very worthwhile to try until you damage it a bit more or use a stronger Pal Sphere.