Where to find Fish Mint in Tower of Fantasy

With the best farming route.

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Tower of Fantasy has many ingredients, all of which have different uses, but some are easier to get than others. Fish Mint is one of the easier ingredients to get, but you must know the right locations to look for it. Otherwise, you will be wandering in the Tower of Fantasy world forever. This guide will tell you where to find Fish Mint and the best route to farm it quickly.

Best location to find Fish Mint in Tower of Fantasy

As the name Fish Mint suggests, you can only find this ingredient in areas with water bodies nearby. The best location where you are guaranteed to get Fish Mint is the small river on the east side of Banges. More specifically, it’s in the middle of Mt. Woochu and the Southern Mountains Spacerift. Fish Mint looks like a bunch of small wooden sticks put together, so once you spot it, you will easily be able to recognize it.

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If you want many of these Fish Mints, you can follow a farming route. In that farming route, you must come up to the very top of the river near the lush green mountains on the map. Once you are here, start collecting Fish Mint and head down with the river stream. Collect Fish Mint at the shores below and keep going until you are at the end of the river. Keep repeating this farming route in different channels; soon, you will have a lot of Fish Mint to spare.

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Uses for Fish Mint in Tower of Fantasy

Like any other ingredient in the game, you have two uses for Fish Mint; eating and cooking. You get 3 satiety points and 3%+12,000 HP when you eat it raw. But when you use it for cooking, you can make two useful dishes, Scramble Egg with Fish Mint and Cold Fish Mint.