Where to find Fungal Growths in Grounded

It’s infected, but it still has value.

The fungal growth resource in Grounded can be a bit difficult to acquire and add to your campsite. You can only find it in the gas area to the southwest of the map where the bugs have been infected by the large bug spay can leaking onto the ground. For some players, the best way to obtain fungal growth is to wait until they can craft a gas mask. However, you don’t have to wait for it. Instead, you can lure the bugs out from the gassy cloud to take them on and loot their corpses for their infected bits.

Where to find fungal growths

Fungal growths come from infected insects inside of the cloud. The more common creatures you can find infected along the cloud’s border are mites and weevils. It’s to the southwest portion of the map. You know you’re near it when you see the air around you turning a sickly yellow, and your character starts to take damage for no reason while not wearing a gas mask.

When you enter the nearby gas fields, you need to only be it for a few seconds. It would be wise to bring some food or fiber bandages to heal yourself while you take damage. All you have to do is attempt to draw aggression from any of the infected bugs and pull them out of the cloud. With them outside of it, you can freely take them out and harvest them for their parts. Take as many fungal parts back to your camp that you can bring and use them for various crafting projects.