How to make a gas mask in Grounded

Hold your breath.


Image via Microsoft Game Studios

The gas mask in Grounded allows you to wander through the dangerous gas pockets of the bug spray field to the southwest part of the game and prevent stinkbugs from hitting you with a deadly wave of their own aroma. It’s a useful item when you want you to explore the more perilous locations of Grounded, but it can be problematic to make. Only a handful of ingredients are easy to find.

How to research a gas mask

You can research the gas mask by analyzing a weevil nose or gnat fuzz. These are pretty easy resources to find within your first few hours of the game. When you obtain any of them, send them to a field station to learn about the gas mask and add it to your list of recipes to craft.

How to craft the gas mask

The gas mask does not provide the best armor to protect yourself. You primarily want to wear it when you know you need to withstand any type of gases that could prove harmful to your health, which happens later in the game. It requires four ingredients to make:

The weevil, gnat fuzz, and woven fiber are the easiest to find. Weevils are constantly wandering around in the grass, out in the open. You may even witness some of the larger bugs hunting them down. You can obtain gnat fuzz by hitting any of the buzzing gnats floating around in the air. If you’re having trouble finding them, wait by the Mysterious Machine to knock them out of the sky. You can make woven fibers by refining two pieces of grass fibers.

The final item, the stinkbug part, is the toughest ingredient. It means you have to take out a stinkbug, one of the most dangerous creatures in the garden. You can find them in multiple locations, but you might want to stick to looking for them in the southwest part, where you can sit on a rake. You can stand up high, or on some grass strands, and pepper them with arrows. It takes quite a bit of time, but as long as you keep them in combat, they cannot heal. Bring plenty of thistle needles to make arrows while you’re fighting it.

Once you have all of the ingredients to make your gas mask, you can check out the southwest area to investigate the area filled with bug spray. There are a handful of other bugs wandering around this area, so make sure to take them out while you have your gas mask.