Where to find Galarian Articuno in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra – All locations

There are several places you need to look.

Galarian Articuno is the most elusive of the three legendary bird Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra expansion. After you meet the three legendary birds at the Dyna Tree Hill in Crown Tundra, they disperse and venture out all over the Galar region. You can find Zapdos wandering in the Wild Area on the mainland. Moltres is flying around the Isle of Armor. Articuno, sticking to its usually favored icey habitat, remains on Crown Tundra, making it the closest to catch. Despite it being close, pinning its exact location down to capture it takes a bit of work.

When you see Galarian Articuno in the wild, it doesn’t run away from you. It remains in the air and waits for you to approach. When you get close enough, it divides itself into three copies, and you have to find the real one amongst the trio. When you do, you can battle it. But even because you can battle, it doesn’t mean you will always capture it unless you have a master ball. If you defeat Galarian Articuno in battle or choose the wrong one, it flies off somewhere else in the Crown Tundra region, and you have to find it again, repeating the process.

All Galarian Articuno locations

These are all of the locations Galarian Articuno can hide on Crown Tundra.

  • Cliff on Snowslide Slope
  • Old Cemetary next to Giant’s Bed
  • Crosspoint of Giant’s Bed and Frostpoint field (north of Giant’s Bed fast travel location)

These are the three locations Galarian Articuno travels around in Crown Tundra. Once you know these locations, it’s significantly easier to find it, and that means you can have an easier time capturing it to continue into your legendary Pokémon adventure in Crown Tundra.