Where to find Gooseberries in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Can’t make Gooseberry Pie without Gooseberries.

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There are a lot of different ingredients that you will find as you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley. These ingredients are used to craft meals for yourself and the residents of the valley. While there are many ingredients that you can obtain right away in the game, there are some that will take a while to find. Gooseberries are just one of those ingredients that you will spend some time searching for. This guide will show you where you can find Gooseberries in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Gooseberry location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Similar to other late-game ingredients like Pumpkins, you won’t be able to get Gooseberries right away. Luckily, when you do reach them, you won’t need to purchase them like you do Potatoes. Gooseberries are found in the Forgotten Lands biome. This is one of the last biomes that you will unlock since it is further from the Plaza and it costs a lot to unlock.

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The Forgotten Lands biome is the one that is to the north of the Sunlit Plateau. Unlocking this area will cost you 15,000 Dreamlight if you have already unlocked the Sunlit Plateau. If you haven’t unlocked the Sunlit Plateau, unlocking it will cost you an additional 7,000 Dreamlight. You can gather Dreamlight by completing tasks and quests around the valley.

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Once you have unlocked the Forgotten Lands biome, you will be able to find Gooseberries on the bushes in the area. There are only a couple of bushes in the biome but they will each give you three Gooseberries. You can get additional Gooseberries by bringing along a resident who is assigned to the foraging role.