Where to find Helicopters in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Get to da choppa.


After a lot of leaking, and teasing, Helicopters have finally arrived in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. These vehicles have 1500 Health, can carry four players, and even have a boost function. What they don’t have is a weapon, so be careful when flying around.

You can find the Helicopters dotted all over the map, and we have made the map below to show all the helicopters that we have discovered so far. We will update the map when we discover more.

They are reasonably fast, and will certainly give you an advantage when it comes to getting from place to place. The skies should provide a pretty safe route for your squad. While they don’t have guns, people on the skids can shoot their weapons. You can also do damage with the rotors, although this will also damage the helicopter itself.

Finally, don’t jump out of helicopters over land, as you will die, but it is safe to do so over water. The helicopter itself will also float, and you can get into it when it’s floating and safely fly away.

You can find the helicopters in all core game modes, but they haven’t been added to Arena yet.

Helicopter Locations Fortnite

The Agency

You can find it on the helipad on the south of the island.

The Rig

You can find it on the raised helipad on the easter side of the newly exploded Rig.

The Grotto

You can find the helicopter on the helipad over the wave, down in the Grotto itself.

Pleasant Park

The sports field at Pleasant Park has partially opened, revealing a helipad and helicopter beneath the field.

The Shark

At the rear of the island, on the opposite side to the large stone shark face.

The Yacht

You can find the helicopter at the very front of the Yacht.

We will update this guide with further helicopter locations as we discover them.