Where to find Rust in Grounded

Shake off the Rust.

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Rust is a material in Grounded that will be very valuable for crafting tier three weapons, which in turn will be useful for fighting tougher bugs and bosses. Given how deadly the environment around you is, getting the best loadout is highly advisable. Getting this resource will require a particular tool and walking into a dangerous part of the map, so you will need to be prepared. Here is where you can find Rust in Grounded.

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Where can you get Rust in Grounded?

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Rust is a resource that can be found in the upper yard portion of the map. This area is crawling with tougher enemies, so you will want to be properly equipped before going in. The most abundant area is in the northeastern portion of the yard, where a toolbox is located. You can jump inside the drawer to find quite a few rusty screws. There are also some located out on the ground in front of the toolbox. These pieces will respawn after a few days of in-game time pass.

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Rust can only be gathered with a Black Ox Hammer, which can be crafted with one Black Ox Horn, five Black Ox Parts, and two Pupa Leather. When you have the hammer in hand, just strike the rusty screw, and it will break down into multiple pieces of Rust that you can pick up. You can combine this with other items to create tier three weapons like the Rusty Spear, Toenail Scimitar, and Tiger Mosquito Rapier. All of these weapons are among the best in the game, so we definitely recommend building at least one when you have the chance.

With all of the Rust that is around the toolbox, you should be able to stockpile up on a lot in one go. While finding it, be mindful of nearby Wolf Spiders, Fire Ants, and don’t accidentally drop into the den of the Black Widow Spider.