Where to find Lunatender Blossoms in Final Fantasy XIV

Flowers can grow anywhere.

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The resources you find and add to your inventory can be used in various ways in Final Fantasy XIV. You can choose to sell them on the marketboard, or use them for yourself if you’re looking to level your Disciple of Hand profession on your character. A resource you’ll want to be looking for in the Endwalker expansion is Lunatender Blossoms. In this guide, we’re going to cover where you need to go to find Lunatender Blossoms in Final Fantasy XIV.

There are a handful of methods for you to obtain Lunatender Blossoms. A straightforward approach is to find the Lunatender creature in Mare Lamentorum. You can find a reliable spawn at coordinates (X:26.5, Y:30.4). You may have to farm this area for quite some time. Lunatender Blossoms are not a guaranteed drop, though.

The other alternative is to speak with the Gemstone Trader in Bestways Burrow. You can find the Gemstone Trader at coordinates (X:21.9, Y:12.2). They will offer you a Lunatender Blossom for every two Bicolor Gemstones you exchange them. You’ll be able to earn Bicolor Gemstones by completing FATEs that pop up throughout the Endwalker regions. These pieces of content are usually best completed alongside other players, forcing you all to work together.

The last choice you have is to check your server’s marketboard. You might be able to find some for sale, but the price will vary based on the demand from all players.