Where to find Luncheon Toad Skin in Final Fantasy XIV

A skin to add to your crafting reserves.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll be on the hunt for several resources in Final Fantasy XIV, especially if you’re trying to complete specific crafting recipes or looking to offer them on the Market Board for other players. A notable resource you’ll want to locate is Luncheon Toad Skin. In this guide, we’re going to detail where you need to go to find this and the best way to get it in the Endwalker expansion.

There are two ways you can go about finding Luncheon Toad Skin. The first is the Gemstone Trader in Labyrinthos, in the Northern Empty region. You can find them at The Archeion coordinates (X:29.9, Y:13.0). The Gemstone merchant purchases these items for two Bicolor Gemstone each. You’ll be able to earn Bicolor Gemstones by completing any FATES in Endwalker. The more players you have working through them, the more chances you’ll have to receive them and purchase them from traders.

You can also acquire Luncheon Toad Skin by eliminating the creatures that have them, the Luncheon Toads. We’ve found them in the same region, Labyrinthos, in the southern portion of The Medial Circuit. Head over there, and you should find these massive toads at level 81. You’ll have the chance to eliminate whatever toads you find there for the resource, but if you want to purchase them in bulk, the Gemstone Trader might be a better option, so long as you have enough Bicolor Gemstones to trade for it.