Where to find Mint in Genshin Impact

We all love a mint after dinner, Aether included.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The cool ingredient Mint can be found throughout Genshin Impact and is used in both crafting and cooking for everyone to enjoy. Here’s where to find the ingredient that will make your Genshin dreams come true.

Funnily enough, mint can be found in every area of the game as it’s an abundant resource in Genshin Impact. If you haven’t figured out where to find one, we went north of Starfell Valley as the levels of enemies are relatively low risk. To get there, spawn at the Starfell Lake and climb on the left-hand side where it’s much steeper, or if you’re lucky, go to the node that’s south of Stormbearer Mountain.

To the left of the camping spawn point from the south of Stormbearer Mountain, you should see a sprig of mint that’s west of the waypoint. Its feathers are blue and round, getting smaller with each petal. Press square to accept it. From there, make sure to check the official MiHoYo map on your browser to look for all the mint spawn locations. If the link doesn’t lead you to mint locations, press “Reset” and then click on the checkmark that reads “Mint” under “Materials.” There’s a lot all over the world, but Starfell Lake is perfect as it has relatively easy enemies to handle and a large number of mint in one space. 

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players can also buy mint from Chloris, who can appear between five different places in the surrounding area only. She’s a little girl in a blue dress with brown shoes. However, we recommend skipping her selling services and looking for the mint yourself instead.

After scouting all this mint, you may want to upgrade Xiao to his best build.