Where to find Rainbow Corn in Blue Reflection: Second Light

Don’t eat it raw.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Rainbow Corn is a crafting material in Blue Reflection: Second Light. It’s a type of food that, as in the real world, is the original form of the yellow corn that we all eat today. It’s used in crafting recipes throughout the game but is also requested by a few characters as you progress through the story. This guide covers where to find Rainbow Corn so you can get it as quickly as possible and start playing through more meaningful quests.

Get ready to do some harvesting

Rainbow Corn is one of the resources that can drop from floating glowing orbs. You can find it in the blue ones around areas like The Faraway, but it could also drop in bundles from gold ones. The look from these orbs is randomized, so there’s no way to tell which ones have what you’re looking for.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The best way to find Rainbow Corn is to pick up every floating glowing orb you come across. You’ll eventually pick up what you need, and the other resources you gather will likely help you in future quests. The first person to ask you to find Rainbow Corn is Kokoro. Once you’ve found three and brought them back to her, she’ll treat you to an odd tasting session in which she explains how sour the corn is when it hasn’t been cooked.