Where to Find Suzaku in Palworld (& How to Catch Them)

Suzaku is one of the many Pals you’ll want to seek out while playing Palworld, and this guide shows you where you can find it.

How to find Suzaku in Palworld

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There are multiple Pals for you to find as you explore the Palworld islands with your friends or by yourself. A notable Pal you will want to track down is Suzaku, and there are some things you’ll want to know when attempting to find it.

Suzaku is a notable Fire Type Pal and looks like a bird-like creature. There are not too many locations you can find one, and you’ll need to explore specific locations on your map to track it down. Hopefully, you brought some cold weather protection, and you’ve explored a good chunk of the map. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Suzaku and how to catch it in Palworld.

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How to Find & Catch Suzaku in Palworld

Where to find Suzaku location in Palworld
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Suzaku has a good chance to spawn in the far northeast of your Palworld, and a good way to reach this location is by riding a Pal that can fly to reach the Dessicated Desert. You’ll want to make sure you can craft this Pal’s saddle, such as Nitewing, and it should make reaching this location a breeze.

There are multiple tough Pals that you can find in this location that make it a grueling challenge to survive here. I would recommend you have a stable Palworld base with several stable ways to keep yourself afloat. The Suzaku I had discovered was wandering around at level 40, and if you’re not going to use the better Spheres, such as the Legendary or Ultras Spheres, you don’t have a chance to catch this Pal and add it to your collection.

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Suzaku is also an aggressive Pal, which means you won’t have much time to sneak up on it. You’ll want to defeat it in a battle to make it easier to catch. Suzaku is a Fire Element, meaning it will be weak to Water Element attacks. You’ll want to bring a handful of Water or Fire Element Pals, ready to take it down in combat. I was not at a high enough level when I encountered this Pal in the wild, but if you come prepared, you should be able to take it down. You’ll want to make sure you’ve acquired plenty of coal for your crafting projects, too.

Like many of the Pals in Palworld, Suzaku is fantastic to add to your collection as you reach the end game. You shouldn’t expect to go out of your way to add it to your collection, though. One of my allies was able to catch one, and they adore using it in combat to aid them in exploring the world.

How to Breed Suzaku in Palworld

You can breed Suzaku in Palworld by using the Breeding Farm in your base to cross Cryolinx & Blazamut, Cryolinx & Suzaku Aqua, or Blazamut & Astegon. These are just a few of the many Pal combinations you can breed to get a Suzaku.

How to Breed Suzaku Aqua in Palworld

To obtain a Suzaku Aqua in Palworld, breed a Suzaku with a Jormuntide. The only other way to breed a Suzaku Aqua is to get a male and female Suzaku Aqua, and breed those together.

How to Craft Suzaku’s Saddle in Palworld

Palworld Suzaku Saddle

To craft the Suzaku Saddle, you need to catch a Suzaku and unlock the option for its saddle at level 40 in the Technology tree. Once you reach the required level and accumulate enough technology points, you can craft it at a Pal Gear Workbench.

Suzaku’s Saddle enables the Pal Partner Skill called “Wings of Fire,” which enables players to ride Suzaku. While riding Suzaku, you’ll get a boost to fire-type moves, and your attacks will get fire damage.

Suzaku Saddle can be gained at level 40 in the tech tree by spending four tech points. Additionally, players will need to craft it by using this recipe:

  • 20 Leather
  • 20 Iron Ingot
  • 20 Electric Organ
  • 20 Cloth
  • 20 Palladium Fragments