How to Find Anubis in Palworld

Anubis is one of the notable Pals you can find while playing Palworld, and this guide shows you where you need to go to find it.

How to find Anubis in Palworld

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There were multiple notable Pals that the development team behind Palworld had shown off before the game’s official release. One of the ones with the most hype was Anubis, but it’s also one of the tougher Pals that you need to track down.

You will only be able to find Anubia while you explore your world. There is a specific location where you can find a boss one, but those are extremely difficult to catch, and you’ll need a good amount of luck on your side to land this as a Pal on your roster. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Anubis in Palworld.

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Where to Find Anubis in Palworld

Where to find Anubis in Palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

It appears there is only one set location to find Anubis in Palworld, and that is in the desert region, known as the Twilight Dunes, a location where you can get coal. Anubis will have a set boss marker on the map, to the northwest of the location you start at when you initially begin the game.

However, Anubis is a level 47 Pal, making it an extremely difficult boss battle. It’s a Ground Type Pal, and it will be weak against Grass Type Pal attacks; it does extra damage against Electric Type Pals, which means you’ll want to coordinate your team to make sure they’re entirely Grass Type attacks or other Ground Types that can use Grass Type moves.

Although I was able to track down Anubis, taking it on was an entirely different ordeal. It’s not something I would recommend for any starting Palworld player, especially for those who are looking to find the best foundation for themselves in their world. There’s little you can do to try catching Anubis as the low-tier Spheres, namely the Pal and Mega Spheres, don’t have a good chance when attempting to catch Anubis. Instead, you’re better off using the Legendary Spheres, which you can only make when you reach level 44, and you have Pal Metal, Carbon Fiber, and Cement.

Those are some of the tougher resources to track down in Palworld, but as you’re leveling up, they become more common as you can take on some of the more difficult challenges awaiting you. Legendary Spheres has a fantastic chance of catching Pals, and it gives you a much better chance of taking on Anubis. Again, you’ll want to be careful when you want to catch this Pal.

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However, some players have discovered they can acquire an Anubis through breeding, but you’ll need to catch a Quivern, a Relaxasaurs, and a Kitsune. The Quivern needs to be Female, and the Relaxasaurs need to be Male to create a male Jormuntide. After that, have your male Jormuntide be with a female Kitsune, and it should provide you with an Anubis. We have not tried this ourselves, but this might be something to test out if you’re at least level 20.